Keep Your Pets Safe During July 4th – Fireworks are not a pet’s best friend

As the country dons its red, white and blue to celebrate Independence Day, nothing says patriotism like a good old-fashioned barbecue with a side of fireworks. But what’s fun for people can often be a downright drag for our furry friends. The Humane Society of the United States offers the following tips to help ensure both you and your pets enjoy the holiday.

Scholarships for Camp Good Dog for Kids!

We are so happy to announce that there are two scholarships available for kids who want to attend Camp Good Dog for Kids for families unable to afford the registration costs. Please download and complete the scholarship application. Application submission deadline is Friday, May 16, 2014. We thank Stockman Oil and Harling’s Tires for sponsoring the scholarships!

Sponsor A Child

We would like to offer scholarships for three kids whose families, because of financial hardships, are unable to register their kids to attend Camp Good Dog For Kids. We’re looking for sponsors to make tax-deductible donations toward the scholarships ($200 each) and other camp costs, like snacks, shirt printing, classroom supplies, dog harnesses,

Animal Allies “Happy Neuter Year” $20 January Special

SPECIAL JANUARY SPAY/NEUTER OFFER FOR MALE CATS AND DOGS! Do not miss this opportunity. You can participate through the FREE TRANSPORT offered from HSOG to Animal Allies in Spartanburg. All you have to do is drop your cat or dog off at our facility the morning of their scheduled surgery and pick them up that afternoon.

Twelve Strays Of Christmas!

Between December 13 and 24, the adoption fees for these twelve selected dogs and cats at the Greenwood Animal Shelter are reduced to $12. All pets will be spayed/neutered, tested and vaccinated, and microchipped. The Shelter Adoption Center is located at 235 Wilbanks Circle, Greenwood, SC, and is open Monday through Saturday, 10a to 5p.