You will be helping to prevent potentially thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens from being born to only end up in our own Greenwood Animal Shelter.

To decrease the number of animals that enter animal shelters and increase the number of animals who stay healthy and adoptable, NOW is the time to schedule your pet to be spayed or neutered. Contact your veterinarian to schedule an appointment for your pet or for information about participating in the free weekly transport from the Humane Society of Greenwood to Spartanburg’s Animal Allies’ low-cost clinic, please call (864) 576-6971.

The benefits of spay/neuter are far-ranging and numerous. Altered animals tend to be healthier and have fewer behavioral problems. They don’t contribute to the overpopulation problem, so fewer animals end up homeless in shelters or on the streets. Please do your part to help us prevent unwanted litters.

1,000 Reasons When To Spay / Neuter