Pets of the Week – April 16, 2012

Watch her run with the big dogs and you’ll see there’s nothing “small” about her — the word’s no measure for her pretty smile, her exuberant wag, her passionate kisses, her impressive people skills, or her massively affectionate, energetic heart. You see 2-year-old Amber’s a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, and she displays the extreme intelligence,

Pets of the Week – April 9, 2012

Sure he’s housetrained — he’s a gentleman after all — obedient and ultra-responsive, a trainer’s dream and a family’s lifelong treasure; the only thing wild about him is his popularity with kids and dogs, large and small. Memphis is a modestly-sized, glossy brown terrier/mix whiz-pet whose previous owner couldn’t give him the time he deserved;

Pets of the Week – February 29, 2012

She’s as elegant as a long-legged runway model, but she prances instead of strutting, and her gleaming coat conceals a tender girlish shyness she overcomes quickly when you hold out your hand. Precious is a spritely 7-month terrier mix beauty, and at only 12 lbs. she’s as streamlined as joy gets — she may still grow a little but her gentle,

Pets of the Week – February 20, 2012

Salem is a hunka hunka burning love brimming with sugary sweet affection. He is very talkative and ready to accompany you as you perform your household routines or enjoy your recreational activities. I am comfortable indoors or out — a little of both worlds is great for me. Some of my favorite activities include sunbathing and long naps on any comfy surface I can find.

Pets of the Week – February 13, 2012


Dana is a one year old “foxy” terrier who is quite adept at finding ways to get to your heart. She takes her time to warm up, constantly assessing what she likes about you, and once you’re “a-okay,” then she will allow you to spend time with her. A perfect day for her includes some napping in the sun and cuddle time with her people.