Pets of the Week – October 1, 2012

He looks like an Emperor Penguin but his vibrant purr gives him away, that and his funny short-form meow that comes out “Me Me Me Me Me!” Alas, handsome six-year-old Frasier was turned in by a loving family because he couldn’t learn to share — he needs to be your only cat, but he’s the only cat you’ll need. Frasier craves a mutual admiration society with only you in it, and some outdoor space would be great too, the better to expand his kingdom. In return he’ll show up promptly for meals, keep a neatnik box, and offer his ever-so-ample companionship; he’ll keep his warm, adoring emerald eyes on you constantly, because you are his alone. If you’re looking for a big endearing guy who understands that love and ownership are one in the same, Frasier’s ready to show you that “Me and You” is the only thing better than “Me Me Me.”

He’ll run to you heck-for-leather when you call his name, then carefully sit on command before dispensing kisses — he’s a Camp Chinquapin grad after all, and eager to do his trainers proud. At less than a year Border Collie/mix Freddie’s already full grown but on the small side of medium, with a vastly pleasing personality that sparkles likes his clean, shiny coat. Freddie’s smart, playful and gently submissive, a jubilant, highly trainable young boy who exemplifies the focused attention the breed is known for; your affection’s his primary motivator, he likes a treat but he performs for your praise. Freddie’s beautifully socialized — he’s a popular friend in any dog playgroup, is great on a leash, and would be a trustworthy fun-maker for kids school-aged and older; he loves a toy as much as the next boy and yes, he’ll happily fetch. Freddie’s already neutered, come adopt him today; all his potential and affection are neatly packed and ready to move right into your warm, spacious heart.

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