Pets of the Week – August 20, 2012


The commander of a sea vessel, he is not. But Skipper is the kind of dog that will have you skipping along and playing with him. This Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix is a joy of a dog. His love is indiscriminate. Adults, kids of all ages, and other dogs are a-okay by him and he welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy a romp in the yard or a leisurely walk. As much as Skipper loves to play, he also loves to sit and have quiet cuddle time. He simply enjoys being close to people and sharing his unconditional love.


This is Ronnie. He is a simple cat who relishes the simple things of life. What’s not simple about him is his looks. His brown and black striped tabby coat and hypnotic green eyes are stunning. It seems that Ronnie doesn’t know just how handsome he is, which makes him even more endearing. A gentle rub down his back will get you the sweetest return of affection, then he’ll look up at you with his emerald green eyes as if to say, “Why, thank you! I would like for us to be friends.” Ronnie keeps his living area spic and span and, as a matter of fact, he keeps himself quite tidy as well.

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