Pets of the Week – February 6, 2012


“Jubilant” is the word for this tug-of-war loving brindle boy — at almost 2 years old he’s the best of the American Staffordshire breed, brimming with affection and a massive play ethic, an effusive bundle of loving energy, all focused on YOU. Murphy was abandoned by his owners but his heart emerged unscathed; now he’ll happily be your outside dog — room to play is a must for him. Inside or out, this courageous youngster needs and deserves your caring attention. Our amiable Murphy enjoys the company of other dogs (beware, little dogs, he might romp right over you.) And his natural devotion to kids and family is yours for the asking. He’s not housetrained yet, but watch him cock his head when you give him instructions — he hangs on your every word and will strive to become your dream come true, just as surely as you’ll be his. Come see the stuff legendary loyalty is made of — ask for Murphy.


He’s a thoroughbred of a family cat — big, strong, intelligent and handsomer than heck, with a chiseled face, long, airy orange and white fur, and an outsized purr as exceptional as the rest of him; pick him up and he thrill-purrs high and low all at once, kind of harmonizing with himself, and certainly with you. After 10 years of tried and true loyalty, a divorce has landed this healthy, magnificent man-cat here, but Boo’s heart is as vast as the rest of him, and with eons of love left to give, he’s ready to move on. Gentleman Boo’s downy-soft fur is constantly clean, his box-keeping habits are admirable, he gets along fine with other cats, and he loves to talk — what better way to share daily wisdom? He’s already neutered and ready to go home with you today; don’t wait to claim the comfort of your exciting new friend named Boo.

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