Pets of the Week – June 25, 2012

She showcases the spectrum of the Calico rainbow with stunning elegance, but it’s her shyly sweetly nature that’s most amazing; her heart covers every hue of loving tenderness, and her warm slender body can envelope you in serene affection just by holding her. Array was found stray, a small but full grown one-year-old with manners as pristine as her clear,

Petco in Greenwood Soon to Open!

We will have kittens and an adult cat available for adoption at Petco beginning Monday! Check out Royce, Bentley (pictured), and Baby. More kittens will be going there later in the week prepping for their big GRAND OPENING on Saturday, June 30. The store is located near the Wal-Mart Super Store on the 72 Bypass NW in Greenwood.

Pets of the Week – June 18, 2012

She’s a pint-sized gift wrapped in tiger-and-white velvet, and she’ll cradle you in a luscious purr that’s bigger than both of you put together. At one year old Vivi’s an ever-pouring fountain of pure contentment — adoring you is what she was born for, and her miniature form makes her ginormous warmth that much more touching.

Pets of the Week – June 4, 2012

She’s named for the goddess of wisdom, courage and inspiration, but our petite retriever/mix Athena embodies these traits easily and blows right by — she’s more a super-charged playmate than a regal entity, and the reality of her down-home affection is so much warmer than any myth. Athena was found stray but she’s already been spayed;

Pets of the Week – May 28, 2012

She rolls on her back submissively at first, but then the real Sasha shines through — 30 lbs. of brindle Shepherd/mix beauty, gentle, well-formed, intelligent and loving, ready to run gleefully with her dog playmates, then land tenderly in your arms. Sasha was found stray in Greenwood, a naturally civilized year and a half year old living on the streets,