600 Miles to Home

This documentary was filmed in mid-July 2013. Volunteers from Operation Paws For Homes (OPH), one of HSOGs rescue partners, drove 600 miles from Maryland and Washington D.C. to document how and why OPH travels to animal shelters in rural Southern areas to pick up dogs, transport them back to Northern states to adopt them out. It also illustrates why HSOG has focused so much of its efforts into partnering with out-of-area rescue groups to save lives — and the numbers speak for themselves. Last year 192 dogs were adopted locally. 637 were saved through rescue groups. A total of 253 more dogs were saved over the prior year. And, despite the challenges, we will continue making the choices that will continue to save more lives.

This was written by Operation Paws For Homes:

Why does Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) rescue primarily from rural shelters south of Virginia? 600 Miles Home explores the cultural landscape that dictates from where we choose to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt-out dogs. Through the portrait of one small shelter in Greenwood, SC, OPH demonstrates how one rescued dog at a time; we’re giving deserving dogs a second chance.

This documentary takes a look at one threadbare shelter in Greenwood, the tough decisions the staff faces every day and the way the Greenwood Humane Society and its shelter partners are working to change the future of each dog that comes through their door.

600 Miles Home is an important film for adopters, volunteers and anyone interested in changing the culture of animal sheltering and rescue.

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