Pets of the Week – December 3, 2012

He stands just knee high to his roommate but there’s nothing small about Hambone’s pet-stature; his heart alone could fill half our kennels, and his love of life — and YOU — the rest. This 3 year-old Chihuahua/mix BFF was found stray near Frank’s car wash, either trying to help or just enjoying the crowd; he adores kids and lapped up the whip cream on his little girl-partner’s face like a champ at our Dog Walk Kiss-Off. Hambone’s a hit with other dogs too; his playgroup looks up to him but he doesn’t boss them around, and he thinks cats are great, no problem. He’s innately cooperative and enthralled with making you happy; he comes when you call him at a mighty gallop and will settle in your arms like a warm brown baby until you’re ready to put him down. See how many eons of pleasure our little-big Hambone will bring you.

Prepare to be idolized by a black satin cat so replete with quiet affection you’ll ache to hold him closer. Aztec was found stray in Hodges, a dignified 5-year-old statesman who considers his words carefully and then purrs instead; he’s so gentle he’ll knead your open palm without hurting, and so pliable he’ll let you hold him like a baby, proud to call you his very own cradle. Aztec’s a gleaming example of peaceful intelligence, richly giving but not needy; a loyal friend and family member who’ll show your kids how attentive a cat-sidekick can be, and remind you that unconditional love’s absolutely the best kind. Feel the sheen of Aztec’s deep friendship today.

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