Pets of the Week – September 10, 2012

Posted on by Brian Clark


He’s smart, resourceful and playful too — as handsome as he is friendly, beautifully housetrained and ready to enrich your life with all the Labrador/Husky charm that runs through his veins. Shadow was turned in because he kept escaping, but when you look into his blue and blue/brown eyes you’ll understand that this rollicking 5-year-old needs mental and physical fun; he’s quick to join his playgroup’s latest game, adores squeaky toys, and keeps his laid-back, funny outlook through thick and thin. Shadow’s gentle, relaxed, affectionate disposition makes him an excellent companion for kids large and small, and his sled-dog ancestor loyalty is yours for the asking. Shadow’s food-motivated and extremely trainable, don’t miss your chance to make him yours, and teach him exactly how to be your family’s lifelong pride and joy.

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