Pets of the Week – April 9, 2012

Sure he’s housetrained — he’s a gentleman after all — obedient and ultra-responsive, a trainer’s dream and a family’s lifelong treasure; the only thing wild about him is his popularity with kids and dogs, large and small. Memphis is a modestly-sized, glossy brown terrier/mix whiz-pet whose previous owner couldn’t give him the time he deserved; an instant friend-maker with who comes immediately when you call him, eager to kiss you and get a hug in return — he adores treats too. Memphis can already “sit,” but he yearns to learn more, his potential’s as unlimited as his love and acceptance of others, cats included. Low-maintenance Memphis gives eons more than he demands, and would gladly be your inside/outside dog. Come touch his silky ears and see how easily Memphis will grace your life; he’s this century’s bargain of the heart, and more.

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