Pets of the Week – April 16, 2012

Watch her run with the big dogs and you’ll see there’s nothing “small” about her — the word’s no measure for her pretty smile, her exuberant wag, her passionate kisses, her impressive people skills, or her massively affectionate, energetic heart. You see 2-year-old Amber’s a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, and she displays the extreme intelligence, fearlessness, athleticism, and the coloring the latter breed is known for — in full, fun loving dimension. Amber was turned in by her owner because she outwitted the backyard fence — she probably went looking for attention. (Hey, we told you she was smart and loving.) She’s almost housetrained, adores other dogs, is fine with cats, and would make an ideal, trustworthy companion for your kids; her capacity for play is as endless as her fascination with tennis balls, squeaky toys, and above all — you. Her short coat makes her as low maintenance as you’ll find, but your highest expectations are easily in her reach. Bring your heart to see Amber today, and together they’ll jump for joy.

His name’s Checkers and he plays for keeps; for if you can resist his game board mustache and his deep emerald eyes, you’re sure to fall for his warm, effusive head butts and his wondrous cat-commentary. But then losing yourself in the expansive charms of this supremely amusing 2-year-old is a win-win anyway. Checkers was given up, regretfully, by a lady with crippling arthritis — now he’s ready to devote his socially-adept young self to you and yours. Checkers is popular with everybody — cats, dogs, and kids alike; his manners are as resplendent as the rest of him, he’s gentle, tidy, polite, funny and endlessly affectionate. If you’re looking for a captivating friend who’ll king you in a minute, the next move is yours. Come take Checkers home today, and begin the love-match of a lifetime.

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