Helpful Information from the ASPCA

Protect your own companions and warn your friends about these common forms of injury to cats and dogs:

Cats Fall Out Of Windows!

The idea that cats can safely walk around on narrow ledges high up on tall buildings is a myth. Any vet will tell you the most common injuries to city-dwelling cats are fall-related. Please make sure all your windows have screens.

Dogs Cut Their Paws On Glass

Dogs cut their paws on glass in parks, on sidewalks and in gutters. Develop the habit of looking at the ground ahead of your dog to spot hazards in time to be sure your animal avoids them.

Puppies Need Their Collars Changed

Puppies need their collars changed several times while they’re growing up. Vets say you wouldn’t believe how often they have to perform surgery to remove ingrown collars. Whenever you’re cuddling your pup, slip your fingers under his or her collar to be sure it still fits and with a little room to spare.

Dogs and Cats Find Car Coolants or Antifreeze Sweet Tasting

Dogs and cats find car coolants or antifreeze sweet tasting, but it’s a killer. Never allow your animal to lick an area where cars are parked.

Never Give Your Pet Any Medication You Take

Never give your pet any medication you take without specific orders from your vet. While some “people medicines” are used to treat ailments in dogs and cats, others are very harmful. Over-the-counter items can be just as dangerous as prescribed drugs. Talk to your vet before you give your animal any medicine.