Shelter Closed for Inclement Weather

The Greenwood County Animal Shelter and Humane Society of Greenwood will be closed Saturday, January 7th due to inclement weather. For stay animal emergencies in Greenwood, city or county, please call
864.942.8632. If you are interested in volunteering sometime through this cold weekend please email You help is greatly appreciated as some staff members may be unable to drive to the shelter due to road conditions.  Thank you.

Rescheduled: Volunteer Orientation Saturday, January 14th at 10am

Volunteer help at the Greenwood County Animal Shelter is vital for saving unwanted and abandoned animals in our community.

Volunteers are needed to perform a variety of services, including kennel enrichment, socialization, and dog walking, assist at community adoption events, fundraising, administrative tasks, helping with animal transport, bathing, and grooming,

Pets of the Week – Week of December 19th, 2016 (Teddy and Beau)


​Teddy is a high-spirited 10 month old looking for a family who enjoys a feisty, alert cat who’s always ready for an adventure. Where there’s action, you’ll find Teddy. He’ll be the orange sherbet and white coated cat hippity-hopping around adding his own flavor to the situation. Visit this playful fella at Petsmart and expect having some good belly laughs watching his performance.