Pets of the Week Monday February 13th, 2023 – Phoenix and Lilly



Do you want a little extra to love this Valentine’s Day? Then look no further — Phoenix is the gal for you! This sweet 4-year-old loves to hang out with her canine pals just as much as her human ones. She would be an easy addition to any family with her gentle soul and kind-hearted personality. You may notice that treats are her favorite reward when you stop by to meet her, so don’t forget the peanut butter. Phoenix wants a chance to steal your heart – will you give it to her?



Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Well, meet Lilly – your purrfect match! Pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns, whatever you decide on, she will be waiting at the table for you. In her six young years of life, she hasn’t skipped out on her favorite meal once. So, that means she’s a pro at sticking to her commitments. During the other 23 hours of the day, Lilly loves head rubs and relaxing on the couch. Her kind heart and gentle nature make her a great best friend. Stop by to meet Lilly today – you two will go together like bacon and eggs!


The adoption fees are free for these featured pets through February 18th, 2023. Please visit the shelter at 2820 Airport Road, Greenwood, Tuesday through Saturday, 12p to 5p to meet these and other available pets.

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