Pets of the Week, January 9th 2023 – Phillip and Maple



Puppy dog eyes you will give in to every time. This 1-year-old chestnut-coated cutie is Phillip. With the best brown eyes you’ve ever seen and a heart made of gold, this sweet boy will make for the perfect family dog. He loves playing in the yard but will gladly come inside to watch your favorite Netflix show on repeat. A little shy at first, Phillip needs a friend that can give him patience and the time to come out of his shell. He will prove to you in no time that he is a pure breed good boy. It’s impossible to say no to those puppy dog eyes. Make time to meet Phillip today!



Sweet as maple syrup. This blue-eyed senior is Maple, and she is as sweet as they come. She wants to find a relaxing spot to retire after living in a not-so-ideal home for the last nine years. Living a simple life is her motto since it doesn’t take much to please this cream-colored feline. A soft bed and wet cat food are sure to make this gentle soul your best friend. If you need a little sweetness added to your life, Maple is the cat for you!


The adoption fees are free for these featured pets through January 14th, 2023. Please visit the shelter at 2820 Airport Road, Greenwood, Tuesday through Saturday, 12p to 5p to meet these and other available pets.

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