Pets of the Week (Sept. 20 – Sept. 25) Spike and the Flintstone Kittens



Spike is a one-year-old pup that has perfected one awesome move – he has the ability to charm his way right into your heart, arms, and living room — all places he would love to tumble into as soon as he can! A mix of Lab and Black Mouth Cur, loyalty, devotion, as well as a ton of energy run deep with this handsome canine. Spike is a frisky, playful pooch who needs room to run and would do best in a home with older children and a family that is looking to add some fun to their life. He plays well with most other pets, but he is most content when he’s with you. Spike is ready to make his grand debut with a forever home he can call his own.

The Flintstone Kittens

The Flintstones Kittens

Meet the Flintstones – five-month-old littermates Pebbles, Pearl, Wilma, Betty and Fred. Brought to the animal shelter due to circumstances beyond their control, these siblings are a little unsettled by their sudden change in lifestyle and are struggling to adapt to shelter life. Though shy, none of them has any problem being petted and held, and once comfortable, they’re sure to be the sweetest of cats. Amid all the stripes, it can be hard to tell these tabbies apart, but they each have a few differences in their fur that help us tell who is who. A little bit of love and a forever home are all these kittens need to blossom into wonderful, loving pets. Take one or two home today!

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