Pets of the Week – August 6, 2012

Mrs. Buttersworth

Her skinny jeans haven’t fit in a while, but this 6-years-young Calico Queen’s so abundantly pleasant it’s doesn’t matter anyway; after all, jeans aren’t made to fit your heart, and if they were they wouldn’t fit hers. Mrs. Butterworth was found in Ware Shoals with her sister and brother; all 3 are spayed/neutered, clearly loving pets who stuck closely together when they found themselves homeless. Her soulful face makes perfect use of her deep orange and black markings, and she keeps her white bib cleaner than clean. Mrs. Butterworth adores nothing more than a nice meow-chat and a lap as comfortable as she is, she’s healthy, gets along beautifully with kids and other pets, and she’ll happily devote herself to making your home even homier — you can take her with you today. Come see how much there is to love about Mrs. Butterworth, and how sweetly she’ll pour pure affection over you.

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