Petco Foundation Invests In Lifesaving Work of Humane Society of Greenwood

Petco 060116Grant of $100,000 will extend efforts to save more animal lives in Greenwood, SC

Greenwood, May 17, 2016 – The Humane Society of Greenwood, SC, announced it has received a $100,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to support its “Unleash The Possibilities” campaign. This campaign will aid in building and funding a new adoption center, spay/neuter clinic, and community education room.

The Humane Society of Greenwood (HSOG) is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with the community to educate, cultivate, and facilitate the compassionate care and treatment of animals in Greenwood, South Carolina. In 2002, the County of Greenwood contracted the HSOG to operate their Animal Shelter, the only open-intake facility in the county. The HSOG has successfully raised the live release rate from 5% to 51%, while still operating in the decades old, failing shelter. The HSOG’s rescue program, which places animals in “no-kill” organizations in other states, has increased the live release rate of dogs from 34% to 69%. Trap-Neuter-Return and Barn Cat programs are helping increase the number of cats saved, as well as decrease cat overpopulation in the community.

The Petco Foundation investment will help fund the HSOG’s construction of the new animal shelter in development with Greenwood County. The new adoption center will increase our lifesaving efforts, with an inviting “retail” atmosphere that will draw people to visit and adopt. The spay/neuter clinic will be sterilizing 2,500-plus cats and dogs each year, preventing the births of millions of unwanted animals in our community. Through education, the root causes of animal abuse, homelessness and abandonment will be addressed by sharing information that will help the pet parents and the younger generations to better understand animal behaviors and requirements for a healthy pet environment.

“The funding from Petco is enormously significant, not only for its practical help to fund the new animal care center, but also for the confidence and support it represents. What we’re doing in Greenwood matters to animal welfare. Petco has partnered with Greenwood, South Carolina to help save animals’ lives and change the culture of our community in a positive and impactful way,” said Karen Pettay, HSOG’s Executive Director.

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