Pets of the Week – July 14, 2014 (Twinkle and The Brat Pack)

The Brat Pack - Emilio, Andrew, Rob and Demi
The Brat Pack – Emilio, Andrew, Rob and Demi

The Brat Pack

Meet the Brat Pack — four-month-old litter mates Emilio, Andrew, Rob and Demi are named for the stars of Saint Elmo s fire, they’re outgoing, active, popular, and admirably good-looking. (There is, however, no bratty behavior in sight, just lots and lots of purrs.) Demi and Andrew have a bit of white bling on their chests, otherwise they’re pure svelte black, with wise and witty brown eyes constantly searching for fun and snuggles, at which they excel. Our Brats adore each other but are so people-loving that they’d happily go home with you separately. Our little celebs are already fixed and microchipped; take 1 or 2 home today, and enjoy a forever-fan club of your very own.



Her name’s “Twinkle” because she’s a little star — a 19 lb., 5-months-young Boxer/Retriever mix who’s a shining example of combined breeds creating a stellar family dog. Twinkle’s femininity shines nonstop, so does her warm friendship for kids and others dogs — even cats. Twinkle listens well, is good on a leash and can sit for a treat; she’s perceptive, playful, gentle (her mouth is like velvet) and cooperative. Adopt her now and teach her your family’s ways, she’s treat-motivated and would be a dream to train. See how many kisses and wags this little star has to give, and let Twinkle light up your world.

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