Help promote kindness to animals by sending us a photo of you with your pet!


April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

We are taking “paws” from the traditional method of creating awareness on the topic and asking you to celebrate kindness to animals. The best way to get what we want — kindness for all — is to promote it. Encourage it. Embrace it! Who knows? You may end up feeling a little happier for it.

We can reshape our culture by exemplifying the joy that comes from companionship with our pets and sharing it with others. We think a fun way to do that is for you to send us a photograph that epitomizes the bond you share with your pet.

It can be of you exercising with your pet, brushing or bathing your pet, relaxing with your pet, smooching your pet, playing with your pet, or just being with your pet. Make it anything that shows the fun that you share with your furry, fuzzy, or feathery family friend. Do you brush your tarantula? Let’s see it!

Please email your digital photo — no prints, please — by 5:00pm on Monday, April 28, 2014. (Limit one per person and be sure to include your pet’s name.) ALL will be posted on our website and some staff favorites will be featured on our Facebook page.

The most favorite, as selected by the HSOG staff, will be published in the Index-Journal!

Let the kindness begin!

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