Pets of the Week – December 10, 2012


Her cool was as flawless as her warm response to the crowd at the recent Pet Smart event; but then well-rounded — and fun loving — perfection is Paula’s downright model-dog trademark. Her curly-tailed 17 lb. Terrier/Chihuahua/mix composure is ginormous, even when engulfed by noisy kids and mastiff-sized canines; and she seems to be house-trained, too. Two-year-old Paula was found stray in Callison but she must have had a nice family once — she’s already spayed, enjoys leash-walking, adores her play group and appears to have known cats all her life. Call her to you and she’ll come at a run, grinning delightfully — toys hold no interest for Paula, the object of her unfaltering affection is always you. There’s a twinkle in Paula’s eye that looks like mischief, but the only trouble she’ll cause is how to give back all that she’ll give; see how entertaining a supremely trustworthy friend can be.


She’ll drape in your hands like a jungle cat napping in a tree, but at 6 months and almost grown Robin’s a very tiny tigress even by our standards. What she lacks in size she makes up for in patience — she’ll quietly let her beloved roommate put her in a headlock and respond only with a gentle rub when the bigger cat decides to let go. Generosity comes easily to Robin; she was born, unwanted, on property in Ware Shoals, now she appreciates your attention, and will contribute her last lovely spot and stripe to please. Her neatly formed little body is wildly beautiful and her miniature face and chiseled chin will poke right through your reserve. Robin wants to be a gentle, child-sized pet for your kids and a Bengal-stylish sidekick for you, she’s happy to live inside and out as long as she knows she’s home. Come hear how softly she can pour an eternity of purrs, and fall prey to the petite majesty of a forever-little girl named Robin.

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