Pets of the Week – June 25, 2012

She showcases the spectrum of the Calico rainbow with stunning elegance, but it’s her shyly sweetly nature that’s most amazing; her heart covers every hue of loving tenderness, and her warm slender body can envelope you in serene affection just by holding her. Array was found stray, a small but full grown one-year-old with manners as pristine as her clear, clean colors. She’s a quick friend-maker with other cats, gets along fine with dogs, is a tidy box keeper and a fastidious groomer; her white parts are so immaculate she fairly sparkles, and her winsome face is beyond calendar-worthy. She’ll request her breakfast with a courteous purr-meow, and give an appreciative head-butt thank you before the first bite. Array’s lived life on the street and knows that heaven is snuggling you; she’s already spayed and ready to go home today. Come behold the tri-color beauty of this classic young Calico friend, and embrace her singular devotion to you, you, you.

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