Pets of the Week – April 2nd, 2012

She rolls on her back submissively and smiles her heavenly smile when you rub her chest, showing you the flip side of her American Staffordshire image — tender, vulnerable, and as love-seeking as a young child. But then Rosary is indeed just a 2-year-old herself; a beautiful, healthy brindle and white young girl found stray, and a perfect candidate for adoption as a gentle, wholesome family dog. Rosary’s dream of paradise includes kids to play with and parents to bond with, she’ll stay by your side forever and a day, a divine companion with an eternal tail wag. She’s semi-housetrained already and good on a leash, her eagerness to please makes her a pleasure to train. Cats are fine with Rosary; please test her with your dog — wanting all your attention is her only flaw. If you value everlasting loyalty and infinite friendship, Rosary will give you her heart and soul — and all her smiling happiness, too.

“Buff” describes her delightfully soft orange color — but also the way she rubs her tiny cheek against yours to polish your cares away. Six-month-old Nym is smart, petite, playful and attentive, a charming stray from Ninety-Six, complete with her own white eyeliner, who likes other cats and thinks humans are fun and fascinating. Come see how special you feel when pretty Nym takes her very own shine to you.

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