Pets of the Week – March 19th, 2012


He’s a small Terrier mix who lives big, as well-formed from head to toe as a bantam weight wrestler, and if you dare underestimate his 11.4 lbs. he’ll put a hold on your heart before you know it. Three-year-old Bing is a stray with every social skill —he’s polite, outgoing and interested, great with kids and cats, and downright adoring of other dogs; he loves to walk on a leash and is making good progress on his house-training. (Don’t bother to stop his tail from wagging, it’s impossible.) Bing’s handsome brown and white coat is a snap to care for, and if you look deep into his eyes you’re sure to see true-blue. Come see a takedown in the making — smiling Bing will pin you for the forever friend you are, and show you exactly how fun a 182-ounce sidekick can be.


She’s every bit as fiery as her name — and just as impossible to ignore — but our Wasabi’s so full of savory fun you’ll never get enough of her. “Playtime” is all the time in Wasabi’s book, with a little left over for snuggling and talking. At 4 months old she’s the cutest Spice Girl you’ll ever meet, an affectionate fluff-ball of long black hair, with an innocent face that belies her sweet mischief-making, and an excited purr that rocks her little body. Wasabi was found stray in Ninety Six, now she’s ready to devote herself to entertaining you endlessly; kids 10 and up are recommended. Come get a taste of how boredom-banishing a companion cat can be; you’ll adore her instantly, and she’ll prance happily into the play-space of your heart.

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