Cold Weather & Your Pets

You are prepared for winter … is your pet?

When winter’s cold weather descends and the winds begin to blow, there are some special precautions to keep in mind for your pet. A healthy animal with access to shelter will rarely suffer the ill effects of exposure to cold. However; very young or very old animals, and animals that have been ill can become hypothermic and experience frostbite. An animal whose body temperature has dropped dangerously below normal may shiver; will not be completely aware and alert, will have a slow heart and respiratory rate and muscle stiffness. Frostbite, although uncommon, may occur on the tips of the ears or tail of an outdoor cat, and on the scrotum of male dogs that spend a lot of time lying on cold surfaces or in the snow. To prevent these problems, limit your pet’s exposure to the cold.

Click here for more helpful information from the ASPCA for keeping your pet safe during cold weather.

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