Pets of the Week – October 22, 2018 (Roman and Myra)


Roman is just as strong, handsome, and masculine as his name suggests. This 3-year-old retriever mix has an attractive golden-yellow coat, big brown eyes, and a smile at least a mile wide. He thinks he’s a canine Casanova, smoothing in for kisses and cuddles whenever the opportunity arises. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to play,

Pets of the Week – October 15, 2018 (Sergeantina and Sophia)


Sergeantina truly is the whole package: smart, affectionate, fun-loving, and as pretty as a picture. This sweet-faced, brown and white Staffordshire Terrier mix is just under 2 years old, so she has many years of love left. She’s quite active and thinks toys are a fantastic invention, but she’d prefer not to have to share them with furry siblings,

Pets of the Week – September 24, 2018 (Delaney and Ana)


Delaney is as sweet and intelligent as she is beautiful. This one-year-old black and tan Shephard mix has one desire: to find a family that will return the affection she so readily gives and provide her with the opportunity to run and play every day. She is a very active girl, so she’d be delighted to have a fenced-in yard in which to wear off some energy.

Pets of the Week – September 10, 2018 (Abigail and Mystique)


If you’re hoping to find an extremely intelligent and very active dog, look no further than Abigail. This 2-year-old cattle dog mix is a perfect example of these quirky and distinctive canines. Upon meeting her, it’s immediately clear that she is one smart cookie. Like all cattle dogs, she thrives on having something to do and being a part of the family’s day-to-day activities.