Pets of the Week – Kevin and Willow


Hopeless Romantic? Nope. HOPEFUL romantic searching for his match! This 4-year-old goofy and tender-hearted boy is Kevin. He’s a mixed breed eager to settle down with the family of his dreams. His playful personality makes him a great family dog and he loves playing with his furry friends. When he’s finished playing for the day,

Pets of the Week Jun 20, 2022


This social butterfly is ready to spread her wings and fly right out of here. Trixie is a 1-year-old terrier mix that has never met a stranger. Her bubbly personality and kind eyes prove that she is the perfect family pet for your home. Trixie would love a home with other four-legged friends and wouldn’t mind having a few young human companions to roll around outside with.

Pets of the Week Monday 23, 2022


Toby can prove that love is blind. This kind-hearted, 2-year-old, brown Terrier mix is hoping for a home that will make him feel the love he deserves. Toby arrived at the shelter showing some unusual mannerisms. After visiting with the vet it was learned that he has detached retinas. This hasn’t stopped him from being a regular playful pup.