“Shadow” (aka Simmion) is Our Mr. February


Jay and Maureen Woods adopted Shadow and had this to share about him:

“After weeks of brushing him on my volunteer visits, Shadow decided I was the one who wouldn’t overlook his grand dignity. In truth I was already dreaming about him, as he apparently was about me. One day he dispensed with his quiet reserve, stood up on his hinds legs and did a happy dance that said “You’re in love with me, I know it!” That weekend, 3 years ago, he became a part of our family, quickly proving that he could not only dance, but fly — sailing into the room in a graceful arc from some distant launching pad, to land softly on our hearts.”

About the Calendar

Shadow (aka Simmion) is our Mr. February in the Project HOPE Calendar, presented by jon holloway. Visit the Project HOPE Calendar page for ordering information. Your calendar purchases benefit The Humane Society of Greenwood.

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