Pets of the Week – September 24, 2012


You can see her gentle brown freckles clearly through her white coat and her personality’s just as transparent — 2-year-old Akeela’s feminine, vulnerable and authentically eager to please; a stellar Terrier/American Pit Bull companion whose owner moved away and abandoned her; but somehow left her tender heart more receptive than ever. Akeela’s way too well-mannered to jump on you, but her shy smile and happy wag will show you her calm, dainty demeanor in seconds. Her love’s the affectionate “by your side” kind; her play style isn’t rowdy but she’d make a trustworthy friend for kids, and her devotion’s a pleasure in itself. Akeela gets along fine with other dogs but declines the company of cats, she’s extremely food motivated and would make an exciting student of your every need — some housetraining’s already evident. Go see how welcoming a big, forgiving heart can be; Akeela will dedicate her life to you and never look back.


He’s PDA personified; affection pours out of his silver tabby-boy body as many ways as he can manage, and if you don’t want a fervent face rub, an exuberant purr and some buoyant biscuit-making too, well then don’t go see Carson. Carson was born on someone’s property and brought here, at 10-months-small he epitomizes the sterling beauty of youth; he’s intelligent, inquisitive and enthralled with you, happy to get along with other cats and dogs too, and naturally refined and gentle with kids. Carson keeps a tidy box and a clean white chin — he’ll prod you with it softly to make a point — then follow up with some fascinating cat-boy commentary; he knows every word but “aloof.” If you’ve waited to find a nimble young companion who finds heaven in your lap, your shoulder, neck, and face — meet Carson, and see how sweetly giving a genuine friend can be.

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