Pets of the Week – May 28, 2012

She rolls on her back submissively at first, but then the real Sasha shines through — 30 lbs. of brindle Shepherd/mix beauty, gentle, well-formed, intelligent and loving, ready to run gleefully with her dog playmates, then land tenderly in your arms. Sasha was found stray in Greenwood, a naturally civilized year and a half year old living on the streets, just waiting for the right person to prove herself to. Smiling Sasha knows her behavioral boundaries instinctively; she loves to listen and seems aching to be trained, she’s eager to please, responsive and quick to learn. Her compact size makes her a great inside dog, her ginormous heart and trustworthy ways make her the companion of a lifetime for your kids. Come look into her perceptive face and see your family’s future, one brimming with Brindle devotion, the kind only Sasha can bring.

Look up “Cat Simpatico” and you’re sure to see her picture, because Tiffy’s as richly pleasing a feline as you’ll find — filled with loving purrs and swimming with social grace; the consummate inside cat, declawed on all four of her gentle paws. Her Torti-cat coat’s as gorgeous as her heart is sweet — soft, thick and deep plush, ebony black shot through with gold; legend says that Tortis bring good luck, but 5-year-young Tiffy’s deliberately kind and leaves nothing to chance; her patience makes her an ideal choice for kids. Tiffy’s owner turned her in regretfully with 2 sister cats, a surprise pet deposit was just too steep. Her manners here are as fine as ever; she befriends other cats, keeps a neat box, and adores a nice brushing — and although she’s an inside cat, she loves to lie in the sun, the better to make her black and gold coat glitter. Come feel the warmth of a perfect snuggle, bestowed by a perfectly flawless friend.

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