Missing Pets

Is Your Pet Missing?

If your pet is missing, call 864.223.2498 or file report online now. Also look at pets on the Found Pet page to see if your missing pet is
posted there.

Contact the Greenwood County Animal Shelter (managed by the Humane Society of Greenwood) at the number above. Bring a photo, if possible, and fill out a lost report. Take into consideration that a white fluffy Poodle may look more like a light brown long-haired mixed breed, if it has been out walking the streets for a few days. A Siberian Husky puppy may look like a German Shepherd mix to some people. A Boxer puppy without the tail docked may look like a Lab mix and so on. You know your pet better than anyone else, and it would be very easy to have problems with a description of an animal physically or socially. For example, a dog that has been hurt may not be the friendly pooch that you know it to be. Animal Control may get the impression that it is wild since it is not warming up to people like it would under normal circumstances. Please come down to the Shelter and view the animals to be absolutely sure yours isn’t overlooked. Be sure your pet wears a collar with an identification tag to help locate your lost pet and/or has a microchip identification. These pets have been reported as missing. If you have any information to the whereabouts of these pets, please call 864.223.2498 or email us immediately.