Stray / Surrendered Cats

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If you are interested in adopting a cat showing on this page, please contact the shelter at 864.223.2498 to check for availability. Be sure to give the Animal ID# and mention you saw the cat on the Stray and Surrendered Cats Page of the HSOG website.

These are animals who have been found and/or impounded at the Greenwood County Animal Shelter and we are hoping their owners contact us. If you see your pet here, or you recognize a pet and know its owner, please call us at 864.223.2498. If you do not see your missing pet displayed on this page, please contact our office immediately to file a missing pet report.

You should know:

  • The breed and age of animals are guessed
  • If your pet has been missing for a while, he or she could look different than you remember. He could be thinner, matted or dirty, and look skittish in the photo.
  • Proof of ownership is required (example: vet records, photo of pet, or any registration papers, etc.)
  • Reclaim fees may apply

Due to space constraints and intake volume, time is crucial. Please contact us immediately.

Shelter: 864.223.2498

Note: Photos of impounded animals will upload within 24 business hours of intake.

Age Estimation

Ages for stray animals are estimated based on overall health and appearance
of the pet. The age of the pets cannot be guaranteed.

Barn Cat Candidates

Cats labeled Barn Cat” are candidates for our Barn Cat Program. Please contact us immediately at 864.223.2498 if you are interested, as these cats’ hold time is limited.