Pets of the Week – Quavo and Whiskers (4/18 – 4/23/22)



At 65 pounds, Quavo is a rumble, tumble playful Terrier. His ears both flop down and perk up giving an “I’m listening” Frasier vibe. Some of the talents on his resume include sitting, waiting, and lying down. And, his asking wage for those skillsets is simply a steady stream of treats. Throw a few tennis balls and toys out in the yard for him to play with and you’ll have a devoted friend for life. His special talent is leash-walking. He makes it look all so easy. No pulling, just smooth Joe Cool struttin’ style. Visit Quavo today and see if he’s a fit for your home and life.


Whiskers — Adopted

Whiskers is a handsome cat with a gorgeous long black coat, a notched ear, and a story. He was a stray cat living on the streets. Then he was trapped, neutered, and returned to where he lived. His ear was notched during the procedure so people could readily know he was sterilized and not adding more unwanted kittens to the community. And, although he wasn’t domesticated, over time he slowly began to trust people and became an indoor cat. Through no issue of his own, Whiskers is looking for a new residence. He is a little shaken by living in a cage and hoping for a new home where he can be allowed time to transition and feel comfortable again.


The adoption fees are free for these featured pets through April 23, 2022. Please visit the shelter at 2820 Airport Road, Greenwood, Tuesday through Saturday, 12p to 5p to meet these and other available pets.

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