Pets of the Week – Lizzie and Grace


Lizzie — Adopted

Little Lizzie was found and brought to the shelter. She was very underweight and, frankly, sad. Thanks to some TLC, she is a Big Lizzie who now walks on a leash, loves attention, and plays with squeaker toys. She has learned to sit for treats and is very playful. It seems that Lizzie had been living with little or no attention or affection, and it was clear that she needed it. In fact, she yearned for it. Lizzie is the clingy companion who will shower you with unconditional love and then thank you for letting her give it.



Never has there been such an affectionate and loving cat as Grace. This four-month-old kitty was brought to the shelter lifeless after a possible dog attack. Within a couple of hours she sprung back to life, but something was different about her. After being examined by a veterinarian, multiple tests showed she was fine, but she was blind. This could have been from the attack or she could have been that way beforehand. Grace was placed in foster care where she has easily learned her way around the home and to use the litter box. She loves to play, is always ready for attention, and is truly a wonderfully unique kitty. Since she is in foster care, please call (864) 538-0683 to schedule a visit.


The adoption fees are free for these featured pets through February 26, 2022. Please visit the shelter at 2820 Airport Road, Greenwood, Tuesday through Saturday, 12p to 5p to meet these and other available pets.

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