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Pets of the Week (July 12 – July 17) Bear and Butterball



If Bear could talk, he’d probably constantly be saying “more, please” because this dog is a young, active boy who always wants more of everything, whether it’s attention, toys, playtime, or food. At just 1-year-old, he’s a bundle of goofy energy, so a big fenced-in yard or daily long walks would be ideal. He’s a handsome Retriever mix with an expressive face and loads of puppyish charm. Bear never meets a stranger and seems quite eager to make doggie friends, as long as they give him his space during meal time. This playful charmer might just be what you’ve been looking for, so meet him today.


Butterball — Adopted

Butterball wants everyone to know that she’d be the perfect companion to anyone looking for a gentle, easy-going lap kitty. She’s the picture of perfection – a beautiful, medium-haired tabby with large green eyes – and she has a personality that’s equally as wonderful. She loves attention, coming to you for cuddles and softly meowing for scratches every chance she gets. Being that she is only 1-year-old, she definitely has a playful side too, and her goofy antics are sure to put a smile on your face. Butterball lived with another cat in her previous home and she has impeccable house manners and kitty social skills. Please consider bringing Butterball into your home and making all of her dreams a reality.


The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Parkers Home Furnishings for these featured pets through July 17, 2021. For your and our employees’ safety, please call (864) 223-2498 to schedule an appointment for a visit to meet these and other available pets.

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