Pets of the Week (Feb. 8 – Feb. 13) Daisy and Scarlett



Flowers are always a big hit during Valentine’s Day, but you won’t find a flower nearly as lovely as one-year-old Terrier mix “Daisy” — she’s 48 lbs. of full throttle Fun-O-Meter, and her tender affection is equally dazzling. She’s outgoing, attentive and smart — she’ll do almost anything for a treat, then fly to her favorite toy before running straight back to you, barely relinquishing the full-body wag that shakes her from head to toe. Her perfect setting is a devoted home with a spacious yard for romping and lots of love to give back (and maybe another four-legged friend to play with, too). Romance rings true right here, right now; come behold a gleaming gem named Daisy who’ll grace your calling heart forever.


Scarlett — Adopted

The color scarlet is often used to symbolize courage, passion, and joy, which is a true testament to this kitty’s name. Scarlett was rescued from a neglect situation along with 21 other cats. She was living in poor conditions and did not receive much human interaction. Despite her past, this one-year-old feline has the sweetest personality. She is friendly and curious, always striving to be the center of attention. While she isn’t very fond of being held, Scarlett will happily accept pets and head rubs while she tells you about her day. She gets along with other cats and has impeccable litter box manners. So, if you are looking for a cat to complete your family, look no further than Scarlett.


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