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Pets of the Week, October 5th – Astro and Maxwell


Astro – Adopted

Don’t let Astro’s intimidating appearance fool you – he may look big and tough, but he really has a gentle soul. With a calm demeanor, enduring devotion, and an ever present desire to be close to his humans, it’s simply impossible not to fall in love with him. Astro is a one-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix with a completely blonde coat except for the adorable white socks that adorn his feet. He isn’t picky when it comes to choosing a home. Whether you have dogs, cats, or kids, live an active lifestyle or just hang out on the couch all day, Astro would be happy either way as long as he gets to become a part of the family.


Maxwell – Adopted

Are you seeking the perfect companion? Someone with whom you can have long conversations and who will comfort you when you’re down? Then Maxwell is your man. This cat loves to talk, loves to be petted, and is looking to spend as much time as possible with that special someone. Maxwell is one good looking cat, with soft grey and white fur and beautiful yellow eyes that seem to look directly into your soul. This little guy is only 7 months old and still has a lot of that kitten energy, but he definitely wouldn’t mind spending some of his time curled up in your arms. You need Maxwell and Maxwell needs you.


The adoption fees are generously sponsored by Mike and Jeanette Ellis for these featured pets through October 10, 2020. For your and our employees’ safety, please call (864) 223-2498 to schedule an appointment for a visit to meet these and other available pets.

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