Pets of the Week – January 22, 2018 (Lucy and Vergil)


Lucy — Adopted

This pretty little Retriever mix may not be quite as funny as Lucille Ball, but her antics are sure to leave you laughing. Lucy is one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet, greeting everyone with kisses and a frantically wagging tail. She loves grown-ups and kids alike and seems eager to play with other pups. She’s an energetic small-to-medium-sized dog with a lovely tan coat accented with white, which runs down from the top of head to cover the right side of her muzzle. At just a little over a year old, Lucy has plenty of years ahead of her to love and be loved.


Vergil — Adopted

This adorable orange Tabby is looking for a home where he’ll get loads of attention. Vergil is laidback and a bit shy to begin with, but once he realizes he’s part of the family, he’ll return the affection he’s given tenfold. He would be delighted to have kitty brothers or sisters, so they can all play together and snuggle once the activity is over. This handsome 4-month-old kitty is sure to bring joy to any household.​ Visit Vergil at Petco in Greenwood.​


The adoption fees are free for both featured pets through January ​27​, 2017. To see these and other available dogs and cats for adoption, visit the Greenwood County Animal Shelter at 235 Wilbanks Circle, Monday through Saturday, 11a to 4:30p.

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