Pets of the Week – February 13, 2016 (Wriggly and Twilight)


Wriggly Adopted

Tail-wagging Wriggly is just cute! Wearing a buckskin brown coat, perky little ears, and a permanent grin, this 9-month-old Shepherd mix is a charmer. His good looks and athletic build will continue into adulthood as he grows to be a medium-sized dog. For now, he’s a floppy, uncoordinated pup who will put a smile on your face as he skips around the yard throwing toys in the air. When he’s done playing, he’ll want to lay his sweet little head in your lap and wriggle into your heart.


Twilight Adopted

​The lovely Twilight is a​ vision of cat sophistication​.​ ​With algae green eyes, a black, brown, and white swirly coat​, this classy lady wears Classic Tabby couture like no other. ​Shhhh, ​1​-​year​-​old Twilight ​finds comfort in quietness, c​ontent with a soft bed ​or​ a window sill​ for resting and observing. ​ While she appreciates ​​human kindness, she ​is also wise to take time for herself​, to reboot, and be a cozy and kind cat​. ​ ​Mild​-​mannered and polite, Twilight is an elegant and gentle companion​​.​​​​


​The adoption fees are free for both of these pets through February 18, 2017. To see these and other available dogs and cats for adoption, visit the Greenwood County Animal Shelter at 235 Wilbanks Circle, Monday through Saturday, 10a to 5p

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