The Greenwood County Animal Shelter is operated under contract by the Humane Society of Greenwood in a public-private partnership. Greenwood County owns the facility but contracts with the non-profit Humane Society of Greenwood’s experienced animal care professionals for the animal sheltering operations. The Humane Society of Greenwood has operated the animal shelter facility since October 2002.

Before You Surrender Your Pet…

An animal shelter should be one of the last options chosen for the simple reason that they are overcrowded with stray or lost pets or those seized from abusive and neglectful situations. Adopt-A-Pet has launched an invaluable resource to help pet owners who may need to rehome their own pets. Click on this link to learn about the service.

And if you’ve found a stray dog or cat, please check our Missing and Found Pets page, and hopefully you’ll be able to reunite it with its owner.