Pets of the Week – June 18, 2012

She’s a pint-sized gift wrapped in tiger-and-white velvet, and she’ll cradle you in a luscious purr that’s bigger than both of you put together. At one year old Vivi’s an ever-pouring fountain of pure contentment — adoring you is what she was born for, and her miniature form makes her ginormous warmth that much more touching.

Pets of the Week – June 4, 2012

She’s named for the goddess of wisdom, courage and inspiration, but our petite retriever/mix Athena embodies these traits easily and blows right by — she’s more a super-charged playmate than a regal entity, and the reality of her down-home affection is so much warmer than any myth. Athena was found stray but she’s already been spayed;

Pets of the Week – May 28, 2012

She rolls on her back submissively at first, but then the real Sasha shines through — 30 lbs. of brindle Shepherd/mix beauty, gentle, well-formed, intelligent and loving, ready to run gleefully with her dog playmates, then land tenderly in your arms. Sasha was found stray in Greenwood, a naturally civilized year and a half year old living on the streets,

Pets of the Week – May 14, 2012

Take her down from her window seat and she’ll reward you with a wealth of affection, but Molly’s a Tortoise-Shell cat after all, said to bring good luck and even some financial good fortune — look into her gorgeous tri-color face and you’ll see she’s a bonus calico, too, long-haired and stunning. At 4 years old Molly’s just a little slip of a thing underneath her opulent orange and black coat;

Pets of the Week – April 23, 2012

He’ll fetch your heart as gracefully as he races for a ball, and retrieve your dreams with a two-year-old’s tenderness, too! Scooby’s a gallantly wholesome mystery dog — a handsome Lab/Hound mix found stray, and the poor soul who lost him will miss him every day of forever. He’s the quintessential companion for you and your kids —

Pets of the Week – April 16, 2012

Watch her run with the big dogs and you’ll see there’s nothing “small” about her — the word’s no measure for her pretty smile, her exuberant wag, her passionate kisses, her impressive people skills, or her massively affectionate, energetic heart. You see 2-year-old Amber’s a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, and she displays the extreme intelligence,

Pets of the Week – April 9, 2012

Sure he’s housetrained — he’s a gentleman after all — obedient and ultra-responsive, a trainer’s dream and a family’s lifelong treasure; the only thing wild about him is his popularity with kids and dogs, large and small. Memphis is a modestly-sized, glossy brown terrier/mix whiz-pet whose previous owner couldn’t give him the time he deserved;