Pets of the Week – October 23, 2017 (Skylar and Midnight)


He’s the sweet, shy, mysterious guy who can make women swoon, but he’s also an active and playful pup who loves to wrestle, run and focus on fun. Skylar is a medium-sized, white Terrier mix with an enormous love for his doggie pals. Skylar would thrive with a canine friend and a family who understands that he wants a little time to know he can trust you.

Pets of the Week – October 9, 2017 (Lito and Martie)


Lito is a quiet, slightly shy fella looking for a home with a calm atmosphere, relaxing music, a soft couch for lounging, and someone who will fawn over his perky yet flopsy ears. He’s a little reserved when he first meets you, so it’s good to be patient…but don’t be fooled. Lito also has a rascally side that comes out when he endlessly wrestles and plays tag with his canine buddies.

Pets of the Week – October 2, 2017 (Peyton and Mercedes)


Delightfully kind, Peyton greets everyone with a warm smile and wagging tail. She is a combination of charm, innocence, and maturity, always welcoming a hug or gentle petting. However, when her best K9 pal wants to romp in the yard, it will often turn into a friendly wrestling match. At eight-years-old, this fun-loving pooch knows what she wants and can be choosy about her doggie friends.