Pets of the Week – December 17, 2012 (Charlotte and Mouse)

American Bulldog enthusiasts praise her breed as “loyal, reliable, alert and self-confident, with a genuine love for children,” and indeed lovely Charlotte fulfills each of these definitive traits, in her own sublimely beautiful way. At a little over a year old she’s an immaculate example of family dog talent; she’ll romp the yard, toss a ball,

Pets of the Week – December 10, 2012

Her cool was as flawless as her warm response to the crowd at the recent Pet Smart event; but then well-rounded — and fun loving — perfection is Paula’s downright model-dog trademark. Her curly-tailed 17 lb. Terrier/Chihuahua/mix composure is ginormous, even when engulfed by noisy kids and mastiff-sized canines; and she seems to be house-trained,

Pets of the Week – October 29, 2012

Meet Chanel (pictured with HSOG volunteer Jenny LeMoine) and you’ll learn that she’s affectionate, energetic, intelligent and loyal; and, yes, she’s playful too. Chanel is a Blue Heeler/Pointer mix and working man’s best friend in the making. She works hard during the day and relaxes at night. She’s two years young and full of fun.

Pets of the Week – October 22, 2012

Wilma loves making waves, but not the irksome kind — this enchanting little inventor with the pastel tri-color stripes will drag her heavy water bowl just enough to make the water slosh inside, then drink while it’s still moving, delicious! Four-year-old Wilma was found stray but now she’s ready for high-society; she’s full grown, forever small,

Pets of the Week – October 15, 2012

Tiny’s no longer tiny! He was so named because of his “teeniness” when he and his two siblings came to the shelter. Both his sister and brother have been adopted and now, at 5 months old, Tiny feels he’s ready to leave the nest. He has not had any exposure to the outside world and feels more comfortable hanging out inside where he can easily access the people of the house and their most comfortable furniture.

Pets of the Week – September 24, 2012

You can see her gentle brown freckles clearly through her white coat and her personality’s just as transparent — 2-year-old Akeela’s feminine, vulnerable and authentically eager to please; a stellar Terrier/American Pit Bull companion whose owner moved away and abandoned her; but somehow left her tender heart more receptive than ever. Akeela’s way too well-mannered to jump on you,