Pets of the Week – July 2, 2018 (Luna and Oreo)


Luna is a goddess among dogs, and she’s fully aware of it. She has a fabulous smile that lights up the room and a fantastic personality to match. She’s quite laid back, until she starts playing with one of her canine companions, then she makes it obvious that she is indeed a 3-year-old Terrier mix with all the energy that goes with it.

Pets of the Week – June 11, 2018 (Gilmore and Osiris)


Gilmore is just about as happy as they come, always wearing a huge, goofy grin on his face and wagging not just his tail, but his entire body when he meets new people. He’s a dapper fellow, a 5-year-old Pointer-Retriever mix with a brown and white coat and sparkling hazel eyes. Gilmore is one of those dogs who wants to be involved with whatever the closest human is doing,

Pets of the Week – May 14, 2018 (Wren and Jenny)


This little Hound mix has a super-duper sweet smile, long stylish legs, a sleek coppery-brown coat, and a wonderfully loving personality, basically making her one of the most adorably adoptable dogs around. Wren is just over a year old, so she hasn’t completely given up her puppy status. In fact, one of her favorite things to do is run around the yard with her best canine pal,