Pets of the Week (July 6 – July 11)


Don’t you wish your girlfriend was as cute as me? Don’t you wish your girlfriend was as fun as me? Girlfriend is a four-year-old Retriever mix with a sleek black and white coat and beautiful amber eyes. She enjoys long walks and late night cuddles and is seeking a loving family to call her own,

Pets of the Week – June 8, 2020 (Freddie and Buffy)


So, who’s looking for a buddy to hang out with on the couch, enjoying the air conditioning and binge watching their favorite shows? If that sounds like you, you’ll want to meet Freddie. This silly, handsome goofball of a dog is looking for just such a family. He’s a five-year-old brown-and-white pittie mix with plenty of energy and just as much love to give.

Pets of the Week – June 1, 2020 (Angus and Orion)


Angus is a people person…or “people dog” might be more accurate. He likes the company of other pups, but he really bonds to humans, desiring nothing more than to be close and involved in whatever they’re doing. He’s playful but not overly so. He’s not particularly energetic – more inclined to want to hang out on the couch than tear around the yard.

Pets of the Week – May 4, 2020 (Zelda and Micky)


Zelda will do zoomies around your yard and straight into your heart. There’s no escaping her delightful, playful appeal. Highly energetic and always happy, this one-year-old black-and-white retriever mix is eager to please, and she never meets a stranger. She thinks other dogs are pretty awesome as well, but she isn’t too fond of cats.