Pets of the Week – January 7, 2019 (Rhonda and Jill)


Rhonda is a princess, a worker, and a love bug rolled into one. This dappled-gray and white one-year-old Catahoula Leopard mix has both beauty and brains as well as a deep desire to please that is simply irresistible. Being a working breed, she has loads of energy, so she’s hoping for a home with a large fenced-in yard or at least the chance to take long walks consistently.

Pets of the Week – December 24, 2018 (Fefe and Rolly)


With a name like Fefe, you might be expecting a dainty, curly-haired little pooch, but don’t let appearances deceive you. This 2-year-old brown and white American Staffordshire Terrier mix might look tough, but she’s actually a real softy. She loves nothing more than cuddling in a lap, and she’d probably be delighted to get her nails painted and have pretty things to wear.

Pets of the Week – December 3, 2018 (Grito and Emmett)

Grito — Adopted

This handsome, fun-loving fellow has charmed his way into the hearts of everyone he’s met. Grito’s huge, goofy grin is a perfect example of his sweet, silly, irresistible personality. He desires nothing more than to find a family that will return the affection he so readily gives. Although, it must be admitted that his love for tennis balls comes in a close second to his love for humans.

Pets of the Week – November 12, 2018 (Moe and Katy)


Fun times are ahead with Magnificent Moe! This frisky 4 months old, buff tabby is the leader of the pack with his good-natured and charismatic personality. He has room in his heart for everyone in his circle of friends, inviting felines, canines, and children on his silly little escapades. He’ll even share his beloved toys and snuggle close once the adventures are through.