Pets of the Week – August 14, 2017 (Daisy Jane and Gillie)

Daisy Jane

Daisy Jane — Adopted

Frolicking, playing and having a ball, Daisy Jane is the sweetest girl of all. She runs through the yard as happy as a clam, spreading her love all over the land. A friend of many and a foe of none, this tri-colored lady is exploding with fun. With ruddy brown cheeks and a white stripe down her nose, she even has white from her knees to her toes. A social butterfly who loves a warm lap, she’ll curl up and kiss and cuddle and nap. She’s not really keen to share tasty treats, so leave her alone while she gets on her eats.


Gillie — Adopted

If you enjoy chatting the day away with close friends, then Gillie is the perfect companion for you. Much the same herself, she thrives on sitting with her pals and talking about the latest episode of NCIS, what she witnessed when she peeked through the window blinds, or why she prefers one litter over the next. Gray and white like the perfect cloud combination, this 2-year-old conversationalist never meets a stranger. Visit Gillie at her vacation rental at Petsmart and talk the day away!


The adoption fees are free for both featured pets through August 19, 2017. To see these and other available dogs and cats for adoption, visit the Greenwood County Animal Shelter at 235 Wilbanks Circle, Monday through Saturday, 11a to 4:30p.

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