Pets of the Week – May 8, 2017 (Mollie and Rylie)


Rylie — Adopted

Rylie can be quiet and calm, but say her name and this 4-year-old girl will leap to come over and give you kitty love. This good-looking Black and Brown Tabby prefers the outdoor life — lying lazily in the sun, watching nature, and playing with whatever passes by. Rylie has learned how to use her captivating yellow eyes to get whatever she wants. Whether you’re hypnotized at first glance and willingly accommodate or she wears you down with a stare, this girl can work it. Rylie’s available at Petsmart in Greenwood and looking forward to looking at you in the eyes.



You’ll never have a bad day with Mollie. Giving enormous hugs is her way of telling you you’re fantastic and lovable. She will rest her head on your chest and wrap her paws around your waist. Molly is a 2 ½-year-old, ember-colored Retriever mix who will help start each day on a positive note. She’s playful and a lover of walks and delights in any activity that involves people. Visit Molly and she’ll teach you how to appreciate the simple things of life.


The adoption fees are free for both of these pets through May 13, 2017. To see these and other available dogs and cats for adoption, visit the Greenwood County Animal Shelter at 235 Wilbanks Circle, Monday through Saturday, 10a to 5p.

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