Shelter is reopened. Click here to read an important update on the Canine Distemper Virus outbreak.

Because the Greenwood County Animal Shelter is an “open-intake” facility, space and illness are the primary reasons why animals are humanely euthanized. The high number of pet owners who allow their pets to freely reproduce is the main reason why animals enter the shelter. The continued flow of incoming animals, plus budget constraints, prevents the medical treatment of the sick. Additionally, animals do not thrive in a shelter environment. When animals are caged for long periods, or in some cases for a only a few days, they can demonstrate stereotypical behaviors, like pacing, repetitive jumping and circling, self-mutilation, and mouthing kennel fencing. These are signals that the animal is digressing quickly and is in need of behavioral intervention and rehabilitation. Some call this behavior “cage craze.” The stress affects their immune systems, which puts them at higher risk of getting ill.

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