Pets of the Week – June 17, 2019 (Layla and Lulu)


Layla’s smile is as wide as a country mile, and that reflects the size of her personality as well. She is a ball of delightful energy, and she’ll swoop in for all the attention she can get. She’s a two-year-old gray and white terrier mix with a very expressive face and ears that stand tall and proud whenever she’s happy or excited,

Pets of the Week – June 3, 2019 (CeCe and Carl)


CeCe is one of those dogs with whom it is simply impossible not to fall in love. Her kind eyes express the gentle soul that lies within, and her ever-present smile shows that she is always happy and eager to please. Cece is a 3-year-old Vizsla-Retriever mix with a reddish-brown coat accented with just a touch of white on her chest.

Pets of the Week – May 6, 2019 (Chewie and Maddie)


How could you possibly resist those big brown eyes and that silly gap-toothed grin? Chewie is certainly hoping that you can’t. He’s named after the beloved Star Wars character because, well, that’s who he looks like. He’s a one-year-old Chow Chow mix with a soft, medium-length light brown coat accented with darker brown on his muzzle,